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Publicize is a leader within the tech community, driving conversations around the latest B2C tech solutions and challenging consumer tech convention

Need a hand telling the world about your awesome B2C consumer tech product? We’re Publicize, a specialist tech PR company, and we’re passionate about tech products. We believe in the transformative effects they can have on everyday life and we’ve helped companies like yours tell their story to the world.

2020 is set to be a big year for the consumer technology industry. Total revenue in just the US alone is forecast to be a record-breaking $398 billion. Gadgets such as smart home devices, drones, and in-vehicle tech are set to drive the industry forward. Meanwhile, software such as mobile apps and streaming services continue expanding their market share.

However, competition is fierce. Capturing market share and growing a user base is notoriously difficult in this industry. Customers crave brands they can trust before they’re willing to part with their cash.

We use digital PR tactics tailored to building consumer tech exposure and credibility in its target market. As a growth-focused communications company, Publicize helps promising consumer tech startups and  established players, reach their target audiences and demonstrate their value.


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“Publicize is characterized by competent, customer-oriented work. I felt very welcome and supported all the time. Communication works really well despite the distance. They always have great ideas and feedback and try to get the best out of everything. All campaigns were completed on time and with high quality. Recommendable!”

Kristin Riedel, Marketing & PR Manager at NerdyTec

Consumer Tech Influencers and Publications

Our editorial and outreach teams hold strong relationships with key influencers within the consumer technology industry. This includes journalists, reporters and editors across a large range of tier one and niche media outlets. Here are just some of the publications we’ve won media coverage in, on behalf of our clients:

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Consumer Technology PR Agency Services

We design media and communications strategies to build exposure and credibility around both your product and your brand. Our specialist consumer tech PR agency service includes:

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    Press release service

    Press release service - Keep the market updated with all your major company and product announcements with our consumer tech press release service

  • Product reviews icon
    Professional product reviews

    Professional product reviews - Get your product reviewed in influential media outlets that are consumed by your target market to help build your credibility

  • Trade show and exhibition icon
    Tech trade shows and exhibitions support

    Tech trade shows and exhibitions support - Make the right impression with buyers, influencers and the media by having the strongest possible presence at international trade shows

  • Industry influencer icon
    Consumer tech media and influencers

    Consumer tech media and influencers - Use our relationships with top industry journalists and influencers to win media coverage

  • SEO Icon
    SEO and content marketing

    SEO and content marketing - Reach new audiences searching for your product or services by combining your PR and SEO strategies. This includes keyword research, content creation and link building

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Not yet at the stage where you’re ready to take on a consumer technology PR agency? No problem. We’ve produced a range of free resources that anyone can start using.


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